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Gulp Tasks


This theme includes gulp tasks to assist in theme development by automating a number of different processes.


  • styles
    This task triggers a series of tasks: compile-styles and process-styles
    • compile_styles
      This task compiles the theme.scss file to theme.css, and then generates a minified version, theme.min.css, in the root directory.
    • process_styles
      This task checks the theme.css and theme.min.css files for any svg paths wrapped in inline(), and converts them into inline svgs.
  • scripts
    This task combines core theme javascript files into a single file, assets/js/scripts, and then generates a minified version, assets/js/scripts.min.js. Scripts combined by this task can be modified by editing the array of scripts delcared at the beginning of this tasks.
  • watch
    This task monitors .scss files in the theme and recompiles the main stylesheet (theme.css) if any of the files are modified.
  • serve
    This task sets up a browsersync session that automatically refreshes the site when changes to theme files are detected. This requires a web serve to allready be set up. Change the proxy address in gulpfile.js to reflect your local development URL.