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public function get_svg( int $id, string $class = '', string $label = '', bool $hidden = false, string $fallback_size = 'full' )

This method retrieves returns a customized, inlined svg from an attachment ID. If the ID passed to the method is not for a svg, the method falls back to wp_get_attachment_image(), which will use the "full" image size by default.


  • $id
    (int) (required) The attachment ID to get the path for.

  • $class
    (string) (optional) A CSS class (or classes) to add the svg tag. Default: ''

  • $label
    (string) (optional) If you need to set the aria-label attribute for the svg (in some cases, needed for accessibility), provide a label.
    Default: ''

  • $hidden
    (bool) (optional) Whether or not to hide the svg from screen readers. If true, aria-hidden="true" will be added to the svg tag.
    Default: false

  • $fallback_size
    (string) (optional) The image size to return if the attachment ID references an image that is not an svg. Default: 'full'


(string) If the passed attachment ID is for an svg, the method will return an inlined HTML svg element. If the ID references any other type of image, wp_get_attachment_image() will be used to return a HTML img element. Otherwise, the method will return an empty string.


Coming Soon

In the interest of getting the documentation site online before 2030, check back soon for an example.