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public function format_headline( string $text )

This method runs a passed string through esc_html() for sanitization, then through the format_tags() method to replace any format tags in the string with html elements. This provides a way to allow for basic text formatting by content editors when entering text through a standard text input meta field. This is ideal for things like headlines, where a TinyMCE editor would provide too much freedom, but a standard text input by itself would be too strict.


  • $text
    (string) (required) The string to run through esc_html() and check for format tags.


(string) The method returns the passed string, with any original html elements escaped, and format tags replaced with html elements.


Take the following code...

$headline = '[strong]This[/strong] Is A [br]Headline';
echo '<h1>' . $this->format_headline( $headline ) . '</h1>';

The result:

<h1><strong>This</strong> Is A <br>Headline</h1>